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Simple Secure Data Destruction

From CEO Patrick Best, CISSP, CCSP, CISSP-MP

I hope to earn your trust and business.  At DATAFELL, it's our Mission to bring affordable and secure destruction services to Canadians and Canadian Businesses.  In a world where privacy is thin, disposal requires more care and attention then ever before.

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The DATAFELL Approach

DATAFELL leads in secure data destruction, specializing in hard drive disposal. We prioritize safeguarding sensitive information, making us a trusted partner for end-of-life data assets.

DATAFELL's operations center on unwavering security. Every step, from collection to disposal, is executed meticulously to prevent unauthorized access or data recovery.

Compliance with standard NIST 800-88 is paramount in DATAFELL's approach. This provides clients peace of mind, knowing their sensitive data is handled with utmost care.


DATAFELL also emphasizes environmental responsibility. We implement sustainable disposal practices, adhering to strict environmental regulations. Through responsible recycling, we demonstrate dedication to both security and the planet's well-being.

Clients trust DATAFELL for top-tier security and compliance.  Meticulous attention to detail, coupled with an unwavering commitment to security solidifies DATAFELL as a leader in data disposal.

We lay our process out in our FAQ section, and are always available to answer questions.


Have a Question?  Give us a call.


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