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Safeguard Your Privacy

Expert Hard Drive Pick Up and Destruction Services based in York Region and Lower Lake Simcoe

Peace of Mind with Datafell Hard Drive Destruction Services

Control the risk when discarding your old hard drives.

It's easy to initiate a destruction with DATAFELL.  We will pick up at your convenience, then employ state-of-the-art tools and compliant standards to ensure the utmost security for your e-waste. Our services not only streamline the process but also eliminate the worry of potential data breaches, rendering your device unreadable to unauthorized users.



Small Batch For Consumers and Business


Easy to Schedule a Pickup


All Hard Drive Types Supported


Professional Equipment


Standards-based Destruction


Ahmed Kalrit, Aurora

"Sometimes you just don't know who to trust with your old personal or business gear.  Call these guys.”

The Better Choice

Home or Business
Building Your Trust
Convenient Hours
Any Type of Hard Drive
Easily Schedule Online
Small Batch Economical
  • What if my hard drive is in a computer or case, and I also wish to discard?
    No problem. Within reason, we will happily take your equipment as-is. Our technicians will dissasemble external hard drive cases, or laptops/PC-desktops to extract hard drive media and destroy. All extraneous components, other than storage media within, will be sent to an e-waste recycler without any further sanitising. Each disassembly will count as double the number of items to be processed.
  • What Types of Hard Drives do you Destroy?
    We are currently equipped to permanently destroy magnetic media, and solid state media. This includes traditional spindle hard drives, as well as SSD drives and flash- or thumb- drives.
  • What Areas Do You Service?
    Our location is based in Newmarket, Ontario. We primarily service along the main corridors of highways 400, 404, and bounded to the south by Highway 407.
  • How are hard drives destroyed?
    Our first priority is the sanctity of trust. We do not plug hard drives into computers under any condition. If the media type is magnetic, the drive or tape is first sent through our commercial degausser. A powerful magnet wipes all magnetic state from every area of the disk. Then, all media is punctured, crushed, and destroyed to a state that is compliant with United States NIST guidelines. The waste product is indistinguishable from other e-waste and is recycled into base metals at a metal foundry.
  • Do you offer proofs or certificates of destruction?
    Certificates of Destruction and photographic proofs are available for an extra fee to commercial customers. All other customers will receive a notification of destruction for free upon request.
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